The ‘Lady of the Island’ on April 29

Shova Rani, Lady of Iland

Rafiqul Islam Montu

He saw the importance of protecting the lives of the whole island more than his own life. Wireless message ran away from home, from home. When all women are busy trying to save their lives, they have gone out on the whole island. The goal is to save all the people. Man is not out in his home but he does not lose his temper. Finally he won. In the midst of serious risk, he could save all the people. The next day, through the news of foreign and foreign news, the island was eradicated. But after getting this news, people came from outside and wonder - how did the people of this island survive in such a big cyclone?

Yes, the day that everyone saw the shroud, Shobha Rani. On the April 29, 1991 cyclone, there was not a single man here. Because, people were unaware. Nobody wanted to get out of the house. Shobha Rani’s possessions were RedCrint Wireless and a Cyclone Shelter. With only ten volunteers. Receiving messages of a powerful cyclone, he delivered the message to people. Later all the people came to the shelter center. After a severe blow at night, everyone believed that there was no man alive in Sonadia Island of Maheshkhali in Cox’s Bazar district. Because there hurts the cyclone. Even Shobha Rani’s husband Shakiram Das, who was in town for special work, did not think so. The next day foreign delegation came to the party from the morning and got all the people alive.

Shobha Rani received the title of ‘Lady of the Island’ by saving many lives in the fierce cyclone of 1991. The documentary made on this title was shown in different countries of the world. According to this, Bangladesh received large grants for building cyclone shelters in coastal areas. But the lady of the island did not find anything. Still serving the people of the island. But Shobha Rani’s fate did not change. Her house is located at Maheshkhali upazila headquarters of Cox’s Bazar district. Keeping this home or children away from home, the backward island has spent most of his life in spreading the education of Sonadia. Shekiram Das, the husband of his work, was present. He also took the job of teaching there. The couple cut 32 years in a small straw house.

Shobha Rani was confronted with the challenge of the 1991 cyclone. Her husband Shachiram Das was in charge of Red Crescent Wales on Sonadia Island. But on the night of the cyclone, he was out of the area for special needs. Accordingly, Shobha Rani performed the responsibility of the Red Crescent. He also had training in Wireless Operations or other activities of the Red Crescent. They used them. Its goal was to bring people to the Cyclone Shelter from home. The story of that day was saying Shobha Rani He kept his younger daughter in the house with a checkpoint. Then tied his clothes tightly and brought the people to the shelter. People were unaware. It was difficult to get them out of the house. They did not want to leave the house. The signal and the siren did not take any action. All of them are in danger after the sudden rise in water at the last moment. With the help of only 10 volunteers, Shova has rescued almost all the people.

Most of the island’s buildings were destroyed in the 1991 cyclone. But one man did not even die. But the next day, media reported that no people survived on the island of Sonadia. On receiving this news, the team of German Red Cross, Japan Red Cross and Bangladesh Red Crescent comes to Sonadia Island. They came and found that a person here is not even dead. They heard the story of saving the people of Sonadia, to Shobha Rani. And in the light of this experience, the documentary ‘Lady of the Island’ was created. This documentary was discussed in the country abroad at that time. Exchange has experienced the problem of disaster. But the ‘Lady of Leonard’ fate did not return.

Sonadia came to work for Shobha Rani. In 1987, the Red Crescent Society took the initiative to build a school for the isolated island. But the teacher was not available. A circular is given. Interested in Shobha Rani Apply as usual. But how to be alone on the island will be on the island. From that thought, her husband Shachiram Das applied for the post of teacher in the school. To facilitate the management of the school, both of them are employed.

The couple, from January 1, 1988, are staying in this island. The two boys took the initiative to school children here. Besides, they also took the responsibility of the Red Crescent Wireless Operator. This teacher couple mixed with the scarcity and problems of the people here. They live in a straw house on a piece of land near the school on the east side of the island. Shachiram Das and Shobha Rani became very close to the people of the island, even though they were teachers. Intensive culture developed with the people of the island.

Shachiram Das and Shobha Rani, speaking about the story of building school on isolated islands, told them about their diverse struggle. Said that this school was started with just 60 students. It was difficult to bring children to school because the guardians were uninformed. Even though admission to the school, the rate of drop in early was much higher. Many are still falling out before the initial end. But the rate decreased. Shachiram and Shobha Rani’s tone of sorrow with sighs There was nothing at the end of life. This senior teacher started his job at the school for only 500 rupees in this school on the island. 700, 750, thus in 2010, the salary stood at Tk 5000. But the salaries did not increase, increasing the end of the job, Shachiram came.

Shobha Rani said, we did not come here hoping for anything. Our main goal is to spread the light of education among children of isolated islands. At the same time, the responsibility of taking refuge in the people of the disaster is also on us. I am in love with the people of this island, I am in love with it, that is the big one.


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রফিকুল ইসলাম মন্টু

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