Rafiqul Islam Montu won the PIB-A2i Media Award for the second time by writing the coastal news

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PIB-A2I Award Winner Rafiqul Islam Montu
The coastal investigative journalist Rafiqul Islam Montu won the ‘PIB-A1i Media Award 2018′ for the second time by writing the coastal news. He received this award in the online newspaper category for a series of eight episodes titled ‘Digital Coast’, published in the leading online newsportal risingbd.com. Earlier, he achieved this award in 2015.

Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB) and A2I jointly awarded this award since 2015. This award is given as recognition of the role of media workers in building IT based Bangladesh.

On Wednesday (May 22, 019) in the morning, the Bangladesh Press Institute-PIB officially presented the award in the seminar of the Information Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Hasan Mahmud MP. Postal and Telecommunication Minister Mostafa Jabbar was the Guest of Honor, Information Secretary Abdul Malek and Policy Adviser of A2I Anir Chowdhury were present as special guests.

Chairman of PIB Trustee Board and Daily Jagaran editor Abed Khan presided over the program. PIB Director General Zafar Wajed and Trustee Board member Shyamal Dutta were also present on the occasion.

Rafiqul Islam Montu spoke on behalf of the award winners.

The PIB-A2i Media Awards, 2018 were given in 7 categories. The winner’s name is finalized by the jury board’s decision. The winners were officially announced on Wednesday.

They are - National Daily Newspaper (Bengali) Category - Md. Waliullah (Daily Sharebiz), National Daily Newspaper (English) Category - Ibrahim Hossain (Dhaka Tribune), Regional newspaper category- Ujjal Biswas (Daily Gramer Kagoj, Jessore), Television Category- Buddhadeb Kundu (Boishakhi Television), Wireless Category - Mostafizur Rahman (Bangladesh Betar), Online newspaper category - Rafiqul Islam Montu (risingbd) and photography category - Syed Zakir Hossain (Dhaka Tribune). Each winner is given a crest, a certificate and a check Tk 75 thousand.

After receiving the award, Rafiqul Islam Montu said, “Help in promoting any award. At the same time, the responsibilities of work in the relevant field greatly increase. There is no exception in my case. This award encourages me to work more intensively on the coast. We hope to write a better report in the future.

For the second time, PIB-A2i Media Awardee journalist Rafiqul Islam Montu has been doing extensive journalism for a long time visiting Bangladesh’s coastal areas. In its report, there have been a number of long coastal coastline ranges from Shahpiar Island in Teknaf upazila and Shyamnagar to the west. He reports that climate change, ecology, life of people, storm surge, irregularities, mismanagement, women and children, education, health, agriculture, public private service, etc. are some of the things.

Exceptional reporting on the coast
Rafiqul Islam Montu started reporting the exceptionally wide range of coastal areas in Bangladesh for the first time. Turning to the remote coastal areas of the coastal areas, one of the main goals of this report is to provide remote information to the policy-making community. All the news of the shores, islands, isolated villages and remote populations of the undeveloped coastal areas are coming up at the central level.

Rafiqul Islam Montu has often made reports in the coastal township to inform all the news readers of the isolated area. He collected information about most of the entire coastal area.

There are 16 districts out of 19 districts of the coastal areas at a relatively high risk. Rafiqul Islam Montu is gathering information about these rugged areas. Created numerous reports. In this work he had to face different types of adversity at different times. He has put the news of the marginalized helplessness of the people in the heart of the news. Taking a look at the news itself is sometimes taking risks of life. As a result of this, the coastal reports have already become important to the media. Through this, the problems of solving problems are getting faster.

Rafiqul Islam Montu has received several awards as recognition of his work. He achieved the Dhaka Reporters Unity Best Reporting Award three times in 2014, 2015 and 2017. PIB-A2i Media Award received in 2015. Unicef-Meena Award was achieved by writing report on children in 2015 and 2006. In 1998, the ‘Monatatuddin Smriti Award’ was received for special reporting on Pir area of ​​coastal district Patuakhali. In 2000, the ‘FPAB Award’ for Barguna Series Reproductive Health Report. In 2001, ‘PIB-UNICEF Feature Award’ for featuring children of Bhola. ‘UNDP-Bangladesh Government Award’ for series report on southern river erosion achieved in 2006. Canadian Journalism Award for Investigation Report on climate change in 2010. He achieved the ‘Ekushey Sahittya Puraskar’ at Barguna District level in 1988 and ‘Jatiya Tarun Sangha Award’ in the same year with local journalism.


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