Hand-written community newspaper has stirred up the coastal village of Bangladesh

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The village teenager Sonia Akter is reading the community newspaper. Senior Citizen Abdul Hamid is heartily listening to the village story.

Rafiqul Islam Montu

His name is Abdul Hamid Bagha. Age 70 years Know a little bit of education. The eyes have lost sight of the age. That’s why you can not read it anymore. He bought a copy of the community newspaper ‘Andharmanik’ from Hasan Parvez. The teenager, Sonia Akter, heard the news of the newspaper sitting in front of the house. Abdul Hamid’s granddaughter Sonia Akter.

The story is from West Sonatala village. The village is located in the coastal district of Patuakhali’s Nilganj union under Kalapara upazila. Many like Abdul Hamid bought the ‘Andharmanik’ community newspaper. The village worker Md. Sanaullah was surprised to find the newspaper. Wonders keep eye on newspaper pages. Old man Samududdin is taking an eye on the work of the Atharmamanik page. Again, the working person of the village Md Yousuf Hawlader, who can not read himself, he is also his associate. Village stories are heard listening to Sohag Hazari by reading newspaper.

Sajeda Begum, a low educated female worker of the village. His eyes are on the newspaper of the Andharmanik newspaper. While expressing his feelings in the newspaper, he said, “I used to get newspapers on the eid new sari cloth. I used to read the old paper in the kitchen. So much so that newspapers have been published about our village news. Today I am very happy. Our village will be available in the month of the month.”

Abdul Hamid said, “very good. We can now read the village news. The stories of the people of the village are seen in newspapers. The heart is full. This is our magazine.”

Sanaullah said after reading the newspaper, “This way our village will go forward, We want the newspaper every month. Our expectations, one day will be printed in this newspaper. The news of the village will spread everywhere in the world. The publication of this newspaper should be continued.

Village labour Yusuf Howlader can not read. Still glad to get the newspaper He said, ‘The people of this village do not have any information about the hardships they make. I got to know many stories here through the newspaper. It’s a different kind of initiative. The stories of the village will spread everywhere in this way. The newspaper will be important for social change.

On noon, someone pondered at the pond, someone in front of the house, someone at the doorstep, and some others sat on the bench in the house and excitedly read the newspaper. The old man, Shamsuddin Nazir, was eager to read the newspaper sitting in the shade of trees. A newspaper in the village! He expressed surprise in getting the newspaper. In expressing his feelings, he said, “A very good initiative. Such initiatives will lead our villages This initiative will go a long way.”

The Andharmanik River has passed by the village of West Sonatala. The community newspzper ‘Andharmanik’ has been published from the village of West Sonatala by the name of this river. People working in the village have taken an initiative to publish this exceptional newspaper. On May 1st, the magazine was officially launched on Historical May Day. Village people and journalists from the Upazilla Town were present at the function.

Village readers are busy reading community newspapers

After the publication of the newspaper, the editor Hassan Parvez delivered the copy to the reader in his own hand. So far the readers of the village reached 55 copies of the newspaper. On average, five readers of each newspaper, but the number of readers is about 300.

Community newspaper is a wonderful initiative in West Sonatala village. None of the readers have seen such initiatives earlier. Village worker Hassan Parvez has set an example for everyone. Hasan is editor of this newspaper. There are 12 community reporter with him. All of them, including the editors, are working laborers, agricultural laborers, housewives, small businessmen, fishermen or students of the village. They create news of their own. They themselves have written the subject of writing, themselves wrote the news. A hand-written community newspaper was created on that news. The editor itself decorates the newspaper with beautiful handwriting. Photocopying is provided to readers according to needs.

Hasan Pervez, editor of the community newspaper, said, “Through this magazine, we want to create a bridge between people of the village. Most of the people in the society are drowning negative news. We love to criticize others. But I do not say any positive news. Our purpose is to inform the people of that positive news about the people. This is how we want to change the attitude of the people of the village. Want to change society. We have the initiative. Everyone needs cooperation in this initiative.”


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