Exceptional community newspaper ‘Andharmanik’ published from the coastal villages of Bangladesh

Community Newspaper ‘Atharmanik’ by team members

Staff Reporter

On May 1st, the May Day was published in the coastal community newspaper ‘Andharmanik’. The newspaper is published from West Sonatala village in Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali, coastal district of Bangladesh, writing and editing of working people. The editor and reporter of the magazine are all workers. Newspaper’s Community Editor Hasan Parvez wants to change the attitude of the people by publishing positive news. He expressed this expression in front of the guests in the beginning of the ceremony.

The publication ceremony of the newspaper was arranged in the village of West Sonatala in Kalapara on 10 May. The ceremony was arranged by tents in the courtyard in front of the editor’s small house. The chief guest of the program was Kalapara Press Club president and daily Janakantha reporter Mejbahuddin Mannu. Presiding over the village, senior farmer Abdul Kader Akon. 35 villagers attended the delegation of men and women and youth.

At the end of the ceremony guests cut the red ribbon and published the Newspaper of the newspaper. It was officially published in the community newspaper ‘Andharmanik’. The guests cut ribbons and stripped the magazine and copied the ‘Andharmanik’. Visitors were surprised to see the handwriting magazine.

Mejbahuddin Manu, chief guest of the ceremony said, this is a new history. Working people, who want to run in search of earnings, are very happy that they have taken such a good initiative. Through such initiatives, society can go forward. I hope there will be continued publication of the magazine. If such a good initiative can be saved, society will get good direction. In the society that is going to lose good in bad crowd, the initiative of this exceptional community newspaper of Hasan Parvez will be an example.

Community Newspaper ‘Andharmanik’ in the hands of guests

Kalapara correspondent of daily Samakal Mosharraf Hossain Mintu, Bangladesh Betar’s Kuakata Regional Representative and organizer Ruman Imtiaz Tushar, Kalapara correspondent Milon Karmarkar Raju of Daily Sangbad, Daily Amader Somoy Representative Saidur Rahman, Bangladesh Today representative Gautam Chandra Halder and journalist Abul Hossain Raju speaking at the publication ceremony of ‘Andharmanik’.

Hassan Parvez, community editor of the newspaper spoke on the purpose of the initiative. He said, with good news, we want to change the outlook of the people. Negative news has filled our society. As a result, our outlook is negative. We do not see that there is a lot of good news in this society, which is good under evil. Or do not pretend to see. We want to increase the practice of good through this magazine. In this way, the outlook of society will change.

Speaking about the start-up experience, he said, this is an exceptional initiative. Which is not only for the people of this village, but also to many new ones. Many people got positive response from the start of the work. We got negative feedback from many. However, I and my team members did not stop because of any restrictions. We’ve worked. And showed the first issue of the newspaper. The continuation of our expectations will continue in the future. For this reason, I expect everyone’s support.

The guests are wrapping ribbons and publishing the newspaper ‘Andharmanik’

In a small rural environment, publications were organized at the tent of front of the house of the community newspaper editor Hasan Parvez. Home made tea refreshments are offered to the guests. A member of the team Rabiul Howlader presented the program. Rabiul Hawladar and Ms Yasmin Nazir was speaking to the members of the team.

Some working people from West Sonatala have gathered together to publish the community newspaper ‘Andharmanik’. This initiative was led by the village dweller worker Hassan Pervez The other members of the Team ‘Andharmanik’ are: Abdus Sattar Sheikh, Ms Aklima Begum, Ms Russia Begum, Ms Shahnaz Begum, Md. Sohel Nazir, Md. Jewel Nazir, Md. Rabiul Hawlader, Ms Salma Begum, Ms Yasmin Nazir, Md. Shaheen Bepari, Md. Rabiul Majhi. Leader Hasan Community Editor of this newspaper and others are known as community reporter. Some of the members of the party are brick field workers, some agricultural laborers, fishermen, small businessmen, women workers and housewives. There is a widow-child woman. Some students.


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