Community newspaper ‘Andharmanik’ will be published on 1st May

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Hasan Parvez, Community Editor, `Andharmanik’- Community Newspaper

The exceptional community newspaper ‘Andharmanik’ has been published from West Sonatala village of Kalapara upazila of the coastal district of Patuakhali. This magazine is published in the initiative of village workers. Newspaper editor, reporter all are laborers, workers. The hand-made newspaper will be published on the first day of May, on the historic May Day.

Preparing to publish the newspaper is going on. Community newspaper editor Hasan Parvez explains the technique of writing every reporter’s house. Earlier on Friday, April 12, the community newspaper planning meeting was held at the editor’s house. At that meeting, every community reporter has been assigned a writing subject. Time has been given to submit the text. It was decided in the meeting that, on May 1st, the opening date of the newspaper will be published on the historic May Day. The publication of the magazine will be held on May 1st at Hasan’s house. The workers of the West Sonatola village will find out the newspaper every month. According to the name of the river passing by the village of West Sonatala, the magazine has been named ‘Andharmanik’.

The planning of the Community Newspaper was presided over by village senior farmer Sohel Nazir (48). Although many of the village criticized the initiative, the President welcomed such an initiative. In the same way, the information activist Yanur Begum (22), Jewel Nazir (20), Shahnaz Begum (45), appreciated the initiative. The widowed widow Shahnaz Begum said in the meeting that my story will be very big. Still have the opportunity to write - it feels good to think. Fifty-year-old day-laborer Aklima Begum came to the meeting with a lot of interest to hear the news of publication, but not in the pre-specified list. He has studied up to the fifth class. Now we are having a very bad day. He also wants to write the Community Newspaper. Team leader Hassan Parvez fixed the issue of writing to everyone present. Write a notebook and pen for everyone to write.

Hasan Pervez, the editor of the community newspaper, said bad news about all around. The people of this village have survived many struggles. There is a story of every man’s struggle. They have survived in crisis. We want to know these stories. Want to let everyone know. It has been decided to publish this newspaper to give a good news to another person. By publishing good news, we want to change the outlook of the people. Want to encourage good practice. We want to take the next generation towards good thought.


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